About Ronni Knepp

biopicI want to inspire people. I want to give hope to the hopeless and help the helpless. I want to instill more love into people and less hate. I want to encourage those who feel like they can’t. I want people to read my books and see my pictures and know that eventually there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I want them to hear my story, know the pain and hurt and heart breaks I have gone through and see me still walking through this life. I’m only human. I make mistakes and bad decisions. My story is already filled with hardship and grief and I’m only 29. Even if I never sell a book, or see my photography series displayed in a gallery, or sell a million dollar print to someone… I want to know that my life meant something to someone. That I gave them a reason not to give up when everything felt dark. I can’t rid the world of hate and war. I can’t fix the heart-breaks or force people to forgive. But I can hope to inspire someone else to try. To continue to reach for their dreams and live a better life. I’m no one famous. I’ve come to grips that I probably never will be. But hopefully my art will touch someone enough to keep moving forward, knowing they aren’t alone. And maybe, one day after I’m dead and gone, someone will remember all of this and say, “Because she tried, I know I won’t fail.”