Painting the Picture

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OK so I’m going to do another shameless plug for another artist. Similar to the theory of everyone being related to Kevin Bacon, I have a theory that somehow all artists are related to each other.  In this instance, she is dating an old friend of mine from high school who’s become an amazing comedian (go check out Mike Eltringham’s site too, he’s awesome  Bless his heart; he must be able to relate to my husband seeing as he’s with an artist.  OK maybe that’s two shameless plugs.  But his is just a blurb, so I’m not counting it.  Haha! Anyway, that’s beside the point.  I want to make two personal notes really quick before I talk about Miss Elizabeth Reid.  First, and foremost, I have absolutely zero experience in painting.  I can’t draw a decent stick figure let alone paint one.  The only bit of information I know about painting is what I’ve had to learn in my art history classes in college, and only than did I just need to know enough in order to regurgitate it during exams.  So whatever I’ve retained after exams is even more minimal.  Second of all, I do NOT do critiques on work unless asked for the most part.  I feel like people should ask for my opinion before I offer it.  If/when I offer my two cents on artists, I am doing it on people who I at least see a potential in or some sort of artistic presence.  If I feel that they just are not cutting it in absolutely anyway (which takes a lot for me to think that way) I won’t say anything at all about them.  So, if you, Elizabeth, or anyone who knows her happens to actually read this, please know that this is not just another article by some weirdo that is trying to get a couple extra brownie points by feeding you a bunch of lies or something like that.  This is a genuine thought of your/her work.  OK!  So that being said, on to the point of this article.

As I mentioned, I have absolutely NO experience with painting aside from a single watercolor picture I had to do for one of my classes last year.  Fortunately that was just a credit/no credit assignment otherwise I would have received a nice bold “F” on it.  I mean it really was terrible.  Elizabeth however works with oil paints.  Browsing her website, I’d say she has a good eye for it too.  From what I’ve seen from traditional oil paintings, there are a lot of very fine details that you typically capture in your work.  However, Elizabeth puts a spin on this and although she does include quite a bit of detail, it almost looks more like saturated watercolors versus oil painting.  Is this a bad thing? Does this show her lack of experience or understanding of the art?  I don’t think so.  From what I can tell, this is her personal style and it suits her just fine.  I think it helps make her stand out from other traditional oil painters and gives her work a slightly more unique look.  According to her website, she did actually major in painting and art history so I think it’s safe to assume she knows what she’s doing.   While her website and gallery is still pretty limited in showcasing her work, I am sure that will continue to grow as she expands her portfolio.  I think the great thing is that she is taking commission work AND it’s affordable.  Most pieces of fine art will run you hundreds of dollars and higher (honestly, my cheapest fine art print I offer is about $300).  You can commission her to do a portrait from one of your photographs for less than $150.  I have every confidence that this is a pretty decent deal and only temporary.  More than likely her work will gain much more interest and she’ll end up doing bigger and/or at least more expensive commission work.  So for anyone interested in purchasing a unique, one of a kind portrait painted for them, check her out.  Also, if you register your email address at her website by TOMORROW (5 June 2014) you will be entered into a drawing for a FREE painting!  Personally, I may be looking at commissioning something from her as well.  I always need more art in my life, similar to my Chuck Taylors, bags/purses, and my ever-growing Batman paraphernalia collection.  You can never have too much.

So there’s my shameless plug.  Go check out Elizabeth Reid’s website at and she what she’s up to.  I’d say mention I referred you, but then she doesn’t know me from the next Joe Shmoe down the street so I doubt it would make any difference.  Haha!  And, just as a teaser, here’s a link to one of her paintings (and a personal favorite) of her guinea pig Winston.  Click on the image and it will take you to her site too. Isn’t he too cute???

“Winston” by Elizabeth Reid – an oil painting