Still Around

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Wow it’s been forever since I’ve posted anything on this blog!  But don’t worry, I’m still around.  In the past few months I have 1) graduated with my AA in photography. I know that’s not a big deal really in the long scheme of things, but I really wanted to walk for graduation.  My school is in San Francisco, CA and we might be moving again next year (shortly after I graduate with my BFA in Photography) so I went ahead and walked for my AA just in case. 2) I have sat down and read 3 books and am working on my 3rd series in as many months. Struggling with writer’s block for the past couple of years, I found reading sometimes jars lose some ideas and I’m trying to soak up as many ideas as possible for “Reckoning.” I still plan on finishing my book, but with only 100 pages written right now, I still have a ways to go!  3) I registered for summer courses. 3 to be exact, which is over the recommended work load.  But with my VA benefits expiring next year, I have a short amount of time to finish out my BFA on the VA’s dime and I want to knock it out.  So for this next year, I may not get a lot accomplished on “Reckoning” but it will be worth it in regards to my future goals.  I’m also working on making connections with colleges to perhaps find a job teaching at some level after graduation next year.  I know this is almost unheard of – you are usually required to have a Masters – but I have to at least try.  Even getting my foot in the door will be something!  And of course, I had a kid back in January!  4 boys are giving me a run for my money, the 4th being a newborn who insists that the world revolves around mommy holding him!  Life is busy and chaotic but when is it ever peaceful in my life? Nothing has ever been given to me that I didn’t work hard to earn and it continues that way. I am looking forward to this next year and just wanted to touch base with the few readers I have to let ya’ll know I’m still working at it!

And just a quick plug for a good friend of mine.  He’s been my instructor (sci-fi writing) and is also a published writer and screenplay writer. He’s looking to get on with a major publisher and could use some subscribers to his work! Go check his site out at 🙂 He even sends you a free book!  He’s a wonderful motivational speaker and could use all the support he can get with his new adventure in writing! I’m so excited for him and all the possibilities that could be opening up for him!

Also – stay tuned.  If you’re a writer or has experience in editing and would like a preview of “Reckoning,” I’m considering sending a couple of copies to trusted friends who’d be willing to add input on where they’d like to see the book go! 🙂